Birth Rituals and Ceremonies of Bali

In most countries like the United States, England and France, there are no real set traditions for births, marriages or celebrating the passing on of

Origins: The Bali Aga

The beautiful island of Bali has a long history of travellers dating back all the way to around 3000 years ago.  The land is much like it is today, l

Bali Holidays: Celebrations

Guest planning a trip to Bali is in for a real treat. Bali is one of the islands that help make up the country of Indonesia. Bali is one of the world

Bali Family Dynamics

Whenever one thinks about different places, countries or people groups what comes to mind? Is the first thing a person thinks about when they hear men

Sun, Surf and Shopping In Bali!

Those looking for a destination vacation location that will provide a weeks’ worth of rest and relaxation often find themselves booking airfare to t

Balinese Hinduism: Deep Faith, Glorious Culture

For most in western society, religion classification means little more than just a category of some belief; however in other parts of the world religi

The Classic Toyota Landcruiser – the FJ40

One of the most sturdy vehicles on Bali’s roads is the FJ40 series Toyota Landcruiser. These were first imported into Indonesia in the early 1960’

Building your Bali Dream Villa

Many people dream of owning a home in Bali, whether for private use or as a Bali villas for rent. The rewards can be very great and when you are finis

The Excellence of Childcare in Bali

One of the greatest benefits from having a family holiday with young children in Bali is the sympathy which the Balinese have for kids. Most young Ind

Guide to Buying International Real Estate

With domestic real estate in such turmoil, investors are looking elsewhere for investment property opportunities. Bali villa rentals are in especially